Saturday, May 22, 2004

-->> ..i am woman here me roar..!! well..i mean.. if i was a lion woman..i'd roar.. but i'ma turtle i'll just uh..squeek.. yeh..'Squeek'~~**!!

Jason from T-drome gives a cool note that a U.K. release of "Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" in volumes 1 & 2 already announced!!

Volume 1 is set to include eps: East Meets West 1 / East Meets West 2 / East Meets West 3 / East Meets West 4 / East Meets West 5 / Staff Of Bu-Ki / Silver And Gold / Meet Dr Quese .. with a July 26th release date..

..Volume 2 is set for October 11 ..

--Info and order link 1 for volume 1 is here ..

--Info link 2 for volume 1 is here ..

--Info link for volume 2 is here..

.. now remember this is a Region 2 release.. meaning the U.K. .. and as of yet there has been no word of Region 1 (U.S.A.) if you are in the states and intend to get these discs you will need a Region Free DVD player or the like or you will be stuck.
.. i'll keep on top of this as i find out new info. There should be a volume 3 as well and hopefully these discs will be uncut so.. !! It's a great day to be a 'Next Mutation' fan!!

-- On the upcoming TMNT 2 Video game front.. has been confirmed that you'll be able to unlock both classic TMNT arcade games.. 'TMNT :the Arcade' and 'TMNT :Turtles in Time'!! tOkKa will make his Game Cube Debut very soon !! ;)


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