Tuesday, May 11, 2004

-->> ..better REZ..??

..some cool and not-do-cool news from T-drome's P.J.::
"Our man Dan Berger has delivered unto us some GREAT news concerning the next TMNT videogame from Konami. Apparently he has recieved a video that shows more detailed models and much more fluid animations! Not only that but the next game WILL be FOUR PLAYER! Konami has listened to the fans and we've got what we asked for! The title has a release date of October 22nd 04, subject to change of course.

A rumor killer from him as well. There currently is no TMNT movie in the works. Although that doesn't mean they aren't trying!"

Bodacious 8) ..n' Bummer .. 8(

--..also..thanks again to the folks who sent some onfo on Best Buy and the TMNT volume 9 vid ..they had 1 at a Best Buy north in town and it must be some weird early release thing..or maybe some got shipped out on accident.. still cool vid with Triceratons,Fugitoid.. and a funny how-to on the TMNT ccg !! 8D

.. thanks again, folx!!

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