Monday, May 17, 2004

-->> ..we are ninja.. we strike hard..and melt ..without a trace.. news from Kazzy.
.. 'Blue Bunny' is makin' 'TMNT' Ice Cream Pops again!!.. when ya hear the distant chimein' ..hootie-tootie tunes comin' from the dumpy Ice Cream Truck.. be sure to head out side n' make a run for the Ice Cream man has your Fave,fruity TMNTs with bubble gum eyes!!

-- 'Splint' at T-drome sez:: "..figured this was big enough news, that it needed to be posted so that everyone could see it. According to an E-Mail exchange that Drome member 'Anarchistguy' had with Dan Berger from the Official TMNT Website, the series is on hiatus until fall. Repeats will air until the unofficial 'Season 3' starts this September.

Part 2 of 'The Big Brawl' will air on on Saturday, September 11th. It still remains a Season 2 episode, but is likely being rolled into Season 3 as they felt that the cliffhanger ending of 'The Big Brawl' pt 1 worked better then what was planned for the final episode of the arc. Pt. 3 and Pt. 4 will air on Sept. 18th, and 25th.

And after that, the official Season 3 will likely begin. In my honest opinion, it's a real shame that they didn't just break after 'Rogue in the House' pt. 2. I can understand the need to end on a cliffhanger, I just wish that they had used the End of Season 2 Cliffhanger. Instead of stopping midway into a multi-part storyarc. .."


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