Friday, May 28, 2004

-->> where did i park the horse..umm..this way.. or was it in the 'Itchy' lot..hmm..??
..the TMNT CCG just got a flip of alot slicker..and Shredder n' the Turte crew got some fancy new shogun duds.. in the Swift as the Wind booster set preview gallery right here..(thanks to quatre1453 for the link n' lo-down skinny!!)

--..UPC Loogie..'s not to late to cash in your Pudding Points.. MATT XE has the scoop and the sauce and the puddin' juice to to get Donatello's brain drain flowin' into some mock Turtle pies.. starting right here in an article that'll get yir goat and drive Krang Kawzy!! me how i pee..
..Baisic Fun..creators of last year's fun as flunk TMNT training keychains..presents to you :Donatello's latest ..most greatest invention..the Wonderful Water Bo..lovingly represented in keychain form with maximum spitting power of up to 20 feet !!

.. there ya go,puddin' .. >v<

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