Thursday, May 27, 2004

Last night, another large step for a big project I've been working on has taken place. For those who might of heard me drop it, briefly, but I am planning on releasing a Data CD, called the Dribble for Kids Digital Collection. Well, me and Nate, a.k.a. Kidsplinter, had a grande old time recording some audio commentaries for some of the comic strips, which will be featured within the "Digital Collection."

Now, the nice thing is, here is what the Digital Collection Disc One has to offer:
- A Video Introduction from the creator
- The First 50 Comic Strips
- Flash animation on the main menu of the featured character(s) which in this case, Disc One features Nick & Charlie
- Commentaries on some of the comic strips
- Hear the voices of the D4K Gang, such as Nick, Nate, Drew & Ashley!
- A special documentary, made only for the Digital Collection, called "Behind the Dribble"
- Hidden Easter Eggs such as: Audio Outtakes for the voice-overs, the original first drawn comic, sketches, and much more....

And this is something I've been secretly working on for say, about 3 months now. I got the basic code for the menus and what have you done, and we are approaching getting the rest of the code and basic special features/eggs completed or scanned in, etc, and then after that it's just a matter of time before we get this puppy up and ready to go! Now, you may be going... "wait. The first 50 comic strips??" Yes, the first 50. The first 50 comic strips will still be available on-line, thru this site, on drunk duck, but it won't have the cool bonus features and such. The price for the disc at this point is still unknown, but I'm thinking maybe 8 to 10 dollars. We'll see. In a perfect world, it'll only be 5 bucks. ;-)

With that out of the way, now onto today's comic update. When most people read the comic and go through the archives, the first thing usually is, "What happened to Ashley?" Well, I took her out of the comic strip. It was a planned move, but not too well planned. Most readers were left scratching their head and secretly going "I sorta liked her in the comic. She's not coming back tho? Bummer." And I never properly showed the effect her leaving had on Nick.

On the race to get all these story points out and in by comic 100, it's been very easy to jump the gun even more. Example: The introduction of Shepingsly and Big Guy Behind the Chair in the mid-80's. When I got everything I wanted to do, out by comic 95, I had a few comics to do what EVER I wanted until comic 98 or so. That's 2 or 3 good comics. So, I decided to give a joke, and then hit you with today's comic update, which is a serious nod and a rememberance of the character Ashley. So now, all loose ends are tied, and the setting for Lord of the Sweaters is now complete. Sorta. :-)

At any rate, enjoy today's comic, as it is one of my favorite comics I've drawn, inked. I have 5 fave D4K Comics, and this is definately in the top 5. Enjoy, and have a good weekend.

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