Thursday, October 23, 2003

-'Party Express' .. a division of 'Halmark' cards is a store beand of party supplies and goodies all birthday related and what not.. mostly i've spotted this stuff at Wal-mart.. but there is a whole slew of TMNT party -ggods and what-not..ranging from hats to invitation TMNT masks,cups,plates,napkins, foam Shuriken and goodie bags.. a great addition to upcomin' Turtle birthdays.. and pehaps a TMNT based halloween party.. look for it in the 'Hallmark' card isle at the ppl!!

-The mighty t-Drome 's .. mightyN Turtle..sez::

".. Playmates has released a list of toys scheduled for December and January in the US:

Super-Poseable Donatello (plush)
Super-Poseable Leonardo (plush)
Super-Poseable Michelangelo (plush)
Super-Poseable Raphael (plush)

Scheduled for December (but have appeared on ebay):

Mini April
Mini Splinter
Mini Shredder
Mini Foot Soldier


Fighting Gear Donatello
Fighting Gear Leonardo
Fighting Gear Michelangelo
Fighting Gear Raphael
Armorized Shredder
Elite Guard
Foot Gunner (character from the new Konami video game)
Mutatin' Leo
Mutatin' Raph
Mutatin' Mike
Mutatin' Don
Mutatin' Shredder
Mutatin' Foot Soldier
Shell Sub
Pogo Copter

These release dates are by no means definite and are likely to change.

The limited edition Mikey statue will be appearing in participating stores shortly.

There is word straight from Mirage is that the Hallmark mini series is waffling, so keep your fingers crossed!

The new TMNT cartoon will make its debut on Sky Digital in the UK on Saturday 25th of October! And the new video game is scheduled to arrive there by November 14th. .."

- t-Drome 's interview w/ Sam Regal ;Donatello's voice actor '4-kids' is here..

..once again.. Kudos to NTurtle and Cecil!! 8D

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