Tuesday, October 21, 2003

..the game is out.. just not everywhere i suppose .. but good ol' NTurtle @T-drome sez this::
"Thats right! The new TMNT game is out in the US, you might only be able to pick it up by Wednesday but today iss the official release date! It should be available at any nearby Target, Toys R' Us or gaming place.

Also, the wave 1 action figures were recently repackaged and rereleased. They are said to include some new pamphlet!"

..i'd imagine distribution is sporatic.. and actually stores prolly may have thier stock rooms filled with a box on hand of the game but just haven't put it out yet..
..but if you can't be patient..
AMAZON d0t com has a great selection of the game on all the platforms.. and the price (excluding shipping) isn't to bad.. so.. happy hunting.. and happy gaming..
.. >v<

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