Friday, October 17, 2003

..'GAME N0W MAgazine' ..has hit the stands and will prolly be just one of a slew of TMNT Video Game related mags to plop out on the streets before the new game hits all platforms real soon here and PC next month..Gamenow ain't stoppin' there with just a TMNT vid-game review.. but pretty much the whole issue is decked out in TMNT..(don't worry..they review the other games too).. just to get greedy and to lure in all the Turtle nerdies.. the GN-tirdies offer 4 different covers ..1-4 .. a Turtle for each cover.. so..if you wasnt a complete set ..mommy's gonna have to dig deep in her purse for a little over $$20 ..sheesh!!
But still.. the mag is worth just 1.. for the awsome pull-out poster alone.. and they got a cute little history thing on TMNT stuffs from the past..and a full 'TMNT' vid-game review.. and tips on EACH BOSS..('Shredder'is and isn't the last boss..heheh)!!
.. next to the upcoming ish of Nintendo Power w/ TMNT Game Boy and Game Cube beasties.. GAME NOW is an awsome little mag to pick up!!
.. ok.. bed-time for ,Bonzo.. see ya in awhile..

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