Sunday, October 26, 2003

Greetings, TMNT fans.

First up... check out the missing comic over here. For a little info, I've not had time to post on here lately, between daily frustrations with life, and trying to calm down by working on the comic or playing the new Cube version of the TMNT game, I've sorta forgotten about you guys. My bad. For those wondering, I did a bit of a joke that perhaps is not for young young readers. (Turn away if you are...) but I followed it up with the same kind of humor but... a little bit more hidden meaning humor as well. But alas, the domicle in which I live, the parental units would not allow it, so... it got moved to my friend's site. :-)

Second, a new comic is up for your disposal. I got the idea for a 6 panel, (I believe the first ever six panel comic drawn... AND the first comic with shading no less!) after talking to Jimmy. After DJing at the club I DJed at (which btw, Daylight Saving times applied to me, so I was DJing from 10 to 2, and then cos it turned to 1, till 2 again, a total of 5 hours...), I was at least gonna drop by and say hello to everyone and apologize for not going to the party in which Jimmy threw, and then head home. Well I figured they might be asleep but I saw the TV Glow and stopped to say hi. Everyone was out of it, sleep wise, so i went home. Upon talking to him this morning, there was a noise complaint. Which then reminded me of Drew telling me of his noise complaint. All and all, very good stuff to inspire me for a noise complaint comic.

Also, note that this week's new webcomic is D4K strip # 49. Which means next week is the 50th Strip. Help celebrate D4K's 1 year anneversary and 50th strip by checking out a new limited print we have on sale. I can't plug this thing enough, but you gotta see it for good reason. It's the first fully colored, background and all, and shaded, piece of artwork which is D4K related. So check it out. I will admit it's a bit pricey but we only have 15 of these things so... get it while the going is good. As of now, we have a few sales pending, so... hurry up on those before they're gone!

Last but not least, TMNT game wise, as I mentioned above, I've been playing the cube game non-stop. This truly is, a great game. The voice flaws are still present, as I mentioned on my comment in the msg boards, but the game doesn't kick into it's coolness gears until the second to last level, the "Notes From The Underground" level. For those who know of Dark Cloud2, while the game platform is different the game itself, the cellshading are sorta the same. BUT.. the game definately gets a run with it's money TMNT wise. The Turtles themselve need a little more work, but it seems all the other characters are simply amazing. I allowed myself to get beaten up JUST to admire the view of the graphics. Also, the game lends itself to different difficulties according to what turtle you have. Leonardo is obviously the hardest due to how much of a disciplined student he is, so the dojo levels are harder for him. Overall, a great game and is so worth 50 bucks, and not my original view, which is stated in the boards. I sadly mis-judged the game via not playing far as I have. While I know I can summon the full TMNT crew (Casey and April included) to clear baddies out of the stage for me, I've still not been able to get it to work yet. Score of the game: 9 out of 10. So grab it!

And for those wondering about the gameboy advance game... it's VERY hard. At least on normal. heh.

Later TMNT fans!

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