Monday, October 20, 2003

Whoa.. good mornin' !!
..tip-off ORGAZMO at T-drome..
-'Blast..' 79 by Peter Laird takes a stroll down Robo-memory lane and give you a fuzzy sneek peek at a familiar Servo.. you just might (or not) recognise!!

-and by N Turtle::
"Don't ya just love flash intros? Big update on Konami's TMNT site, check it out!
..Also, there are a few words that Chris Allen, one of the artist of the Archie TMNT comic book series, is doing some work on the new Tales of TMNT series from Mirage!.."
..i remember Mike tellin' me sumthin' bout that.. gee whizz.. also Mr.Berger mentioned to me that his work will appear in 'Tales..' in 2005 .. oii.. wish it was tommorow..
..oo wait it is tommorow!!.. .. damm 'night-owlITIS'.. >v<

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