Tuesday, October 28, 2003

..the NEW TMNT game is kinda makin' a whole bunch of TMNT-nerdies into vidiots..(like me)
..i found a cool comic (and cool site in general) on the 'Howard and Nester' Comic Archive..
In 'Nintendo Power' magazine.. you ol' School Nintendo Junkies may recall the 'Howard and Nester Comics'.. from the late 1980s' thrum the mid-90s ..H. and NES..made the funnies in N.P. and provided a little trick for a Nintendo game if you read it all the way thru..the following link is for the 'H & N' comic guest starring the TMNTs and April !!
..and yeh.. ya DO NEED 99 SCROLLS ..duh! ! 8)

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