Saturday, January 04, 2003

-->> Fishy Official TMNT web..gets some groovy big updates!!

Booger Blogger cheesy Mc Fry Mc Fly Guy Web Master MC Cheesy Mc
Web HEAD..'Dan Berger Mc Boingboing'
gives you..

- 'CLASSIC* Daily TMNT strips ..

*..they call 'em 'Classic' cuz it is real fancy name for RE-hashed..

- 'Super duper new 'TMNT' brief synopses

..Super Spoilers t00!! Don't read this if ya wanna be totally suprised!! tempt you..Puh-LEAASE..>8(..


..oh.. 'scuse me..****

..and finally..

The First 2 'Playmates' T.V. commercials for the New TMNT toys..

..Complete with::
..Kung Fu Action Wait time..along with 5 MB of frustratingly long ..dial-up loading power!!

.. .. Shredder is one h0t Mamaw!! ..

Huh..what?? What i do??
.. .. .... >v<

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