Friday, November 16, 2007

- Two untold tales of the TMNT ((thanks to a tip from Roseangelo and courtesy of/ and by Tristan Jones))

"Thicker Than Water - The Sequel to Serve and Protect" **Full script and info ..**Click here..

"Black Magic - Untold Tales of the TMNT" ..**Click

- Murph shares the Mirage Holiday Card .. **here and **HERE !!

- S.Murph::"More non-retro retro art" ..The last of the new retro character art, at least for the moment. Again, the heads are right on but the bodies need de-muscling and the top of that left-most Don's plastron needs a bit of, uh, de-breasting. **CLICK here..

- China cellphone downloads info **Click here

- ** 'Total Carnage' Returns Tales of the TMNT 41..** CLICK HERE !!

- R.Brown .. :: Here is a promotional postcard Playmates mailed out to buyers to invite them to stop by showroom #711, 1107 Broadway and look at the new line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys for 1989. It's 8" by 5" and signed Raphael. Everyone's FAVORITE TMNT!!

- Classic T shirt art **Click here.. !!

- Movie Mutations yip off courtesy of Dan Berger and Vaughn Michael ::

**Check the newly updated TMNT toy list for the last quarter of '07 here..

- Dan : **Posted the extended synopsis with screenshots for cartoon episode #136, "The Fall of Darius Dun"


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