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-->> .. the great Jagwar Rescue, TMNT ORIGINAL ART..& more !! ::

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"The picture above is a Jagwar action figure that Playmates had planned to release next year. These plans have changed and Jagwar will now NOT be released.

For info on the situation (if you haven't been reading Murphy's blog), you can **click here.

Here's how you can contact Playmates to try to get them to change their minds:


website: Customer Service

snail mail:

Playmates Toys, Inc

Attn: Consumer Service

611 Anton Blvd. Ste. 600

Costa Mesa, CA 92626 .. .. "

Murphy: "I asked my junior executive friend at Playmates why they 86'd the Jagwar figure. His reply: "Pmates puts together a line (designed, approved, etc.), like Global Mutant Missions. Once it’s given the “ok” from all parties involved (but before we cut steel for tooling), big shots look at numbers - especially at brands with history (like TMNT or Strawberry Shortcake). An important person cross references future products with what has sold in the past. Looking at TMNT for example, data would most likely indicate that the 4 turtles tend to sell the best, with lesser known villains and allies not quite as aggressively. This is reported to the Powers That Be and then ultimately what was once a line of 8 figures, now gets budgeted and reduced to be a line of 6. Somewhere between this stage and the actual cutting of steel, an exec. (from marketing, I think) chooses which figures stay and which go. My guess is in this case it was on personal aesthetic preferences alone. You’ll note that this happened to Alien Hunters too (only Thrashmor and Dumpjumper will be moving forward, not Antroid and the other one). Now, this doesn’t mean that the other figures will never get made, but my guess is that retail will have to like this assortment a whole hell of a lot before we start manufacturing unproduced styles."

Mirage alumni and Kaiju-Turtle supremes,
S.Lavigne and Ryan Brown
::"Cowabunga Dude!
If you ate Ninja Turtle pork rinds, slept in a Turtle sleeping bag or chowed down on Turtle Pez candy while playing a Turtle video game you've seen our art.

Peter and Kevin had us design,pencil,ink and color lots of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art for a lot of different TMNT product back in the eighties and ninties. We now offer commissioned artwork for sale so if you are interested in obtaining that special piece of retro-style Lavigne Brown artwork for your home or office space just email ** for complete info. We will also do re-creations."

Following is the price-list for commissioned work by Steve and Ryan ..::


**HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT** Peter Laird & Steve Lavigne Team-Up To Bring You Original Art! Cowabunga!

Ever wanted an original turtle drawing by Peter Laird, hand-colored by Steve Lavigne?

Well, my friend, you're in luck!

Just like back in the old days, Peter and Steve have joined forces to bring you great original paintings of your favorite turtles!

Why incur all those incidental expenses of going to a show to get your special piece of Laird/Lavigne art when you can save all the time and money spent on gas, admission, food etc., and put it ALL towards that great piece of art! No wasted time standing in line, just step right up and get your art today !

These two are available for sale right now and they're only available here at Cowabunga Cartoon Classics ! Email Steve at ** for details.

**Update :: " The first two pieces of art in the new


has been sold. Congratulations to the winning bidder for snagging these two premier pieces! Keep watching here for announcements of new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artwork for sale. Next up for sale in the series I believe, is a full-color group shot of the four turtles...stay tuned."


Murphy :: Bases for the TMNT figures, as submitted by NECA. The two uncolored pieces were approved... but then the colored version came in yesterday and was rejected by Pete. His comments: "The yellow sidewalk and blue street color concepts are too cartoony. Given the cool, graphic look of the Turtle figures we feel the bases should be more 'realistic.' Please make another pass at base colors and resubmit." Yeah, baby.

NECA's TMNT: Bases Sumbmitted for aproval  i

NECA's TMNT: Bases Sumbmitted for aproval  ii

NECA's TMNT: Bases Sumbmitted for aproval  iii

- Danny B. of the Official TMNT site ::

"** Click .. - Posted the preview of Tales of the TMNT #40."

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