Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey All.

First, a Happy Thanksgiving to all, or a "hey, happy day off" to those who don't celebrate and being this is Mikey's TMNT... COWABUNGA.

I've made an effort to not post about D4K much on here anymore unless it's TMNT-related or unless I have an actual TMNT news item or thought, but... I am sorta excited and have sorta big news. I sorta owe a nod to Mikey for hosting it back when it was a humble skit-like article, so I'd like to say... I am proud to announce that DRIBBLE FOR KIDS: THE LORD OF THE SWEATERS is now available as a graphic novel thanks in part to LuLu Press.

While it's not available elsewhere beyond just yet, it will be available soon within the month (hopefully) on and other online retailers.

Dribble For Kids was never intended to be in print, but all the files have been looked over, inspected by multiple art-savvy people unlike myself, and let me say after reviewing several drafts or as the biz likes to call "proof copies" I can firmly say, this is the best that D4K: The Lord of the Sweaters will look without me having to completely redo the entire story, from scratch.

So what does the book have? Besides the entire six-issue storyline, it contains an introduction by myself, the three-page prologue (which only 2 pages can be seen within the archives) one old school D4K comic-strip, and an awesome introduction by Kevin J. Guhl, the creator and slueth-guru over at Detective Fork AND an awesome back and front cover by yours truly!

I am now offering a holiday special on Dribble For Kids. I print a book, you guys get away with the savings! The general manufacturing of the book is $12.76. That is it. But it only lasts until November 26th. That's a whole weekend at the original price.

That means that the book costs $12.76 to make, I get nothing from when you buy the book except the fact that I have a fan out there, somewhere. As of November 26th, the book goes up a bit for a limited time to $13.50. That is still a huge discount and barely any profit for my humble hobby of mine, and that'll last until the second day of 2008. So make sure you act now before it slowly goes up!

It makes a great stocking stuffer!

Okay, I'm done whoring my thing, and if anything, I do have some interesting news if Tokka hasn't gotten to it first (which if he hasn't, I'm surprised. tokka works his shell off around here and keeps the likes of you and me well informed on all TMNT news...)

And that is the JC Penny thing that happened and quickly was over as it began.

Until later, I wish you all a happy day off or happy Thanksgiving.


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