Tuesday, November 13, 2007

climbing :: Ninja have it harder ..

-->> .. NECA's TMNT .. 'Climbing Claws' peek .. ((2008))

S.Murphy :: Climbing claws.'Nuff said

♥ ♥

Assuming these are interchangable hands for the Turtles.. ((like alot of other NECA's toys)) .. they may however be separate accessories that go in the Turtle's hands ..

NECA's TMNT :: interchangable [!?] 'Climbing Claws' peek .. ((2008))

- Courtesy of NinjaTiptup ::

"TMNT II wont be coming to the Virtual Console. At least any time soon.

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I feel so betrayed. I bought TMNT 1, what more do they want from me? .."


"Muscle and Faith," .. 72-page graphic novel starring Casey Jones with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, by writer/artist Jeff "J.B." Bonivert. "Muscle and Faith" debuts May 1, exclusively web-published at www.flyingcolorscomics.com, the web-site of Eisner Award-winning retailer Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff in Concord, CA.

**Update from S. Murphy..** :: "Sorry to report that there are no plans to publish Muscle and Faith." (..sorry,gang.. :( ~t) ..

"Turtles' fans will really get into this epic story featuring Casey Jones and the gang. Jeff will finally get the attention his unique line-work and amazing storytelling style deserves, and I hope to get more traffic to my web-site so fans can get a taste of what Flying Colors is all about," Field said. "It's a win-win for everyone."

"Muscle and Faith" was an early casualty of the downturn in the American comics' market in the mid-nineties, when it was originally due to be published. Since then, Bonivert has gone back to the story, embellishing it and tweaking it, while shopping it to publishers before striking the deal with Joe Field at Flying Colors.

.. "

..in 2000, during a TMNT hiatus .. there was a lag in Turtle comics ..again, this story was meant to see publication, but instead Bonivert's story was hosted online by Flying Colors Comics out of California.

The story is still up .. even after 7 more years sans publication.

** Click here for the entire ' Muscle And Faith' by "Jeff Bonivert"

..while it's just a rumour, take it with a grain of salt. 'M and F' ..Casey's amazingly stylized adventure to save the city's orphan's from the evil n' larger than creepy:: Mother Drekk ..

..may actually see publication soon. We'll see.. it makes sence that it would.. and is a unique TMNT epic that deserves print after all these years. Casey fans will not be disapointed !!

- Let's check in with my pal, Rosenagelo ::"The Toys R Us exclusive 4-pack of TMNT Ninja Knights w/ gold armor will be on sale for a crazy 50% off on Black Friday and Saturday, November 23-24 (the days after Thanksgiving). That's a low, low price of only $12.99 for four figures!

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- Interview with Steve Barron ((TMNT original movie director..podcast)) **Click here..

- [[the entire]] TMNT Fast Forward Comic - "Extreme Measures" **Click here .. very cool ..!!

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- **Complete Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Series on DVD ..and purchasing info ..

- Official notes from Danny B. ::

.."We found an old box full of the Mirage Mini Comics from 1989, so I posted a preview page of 'em **here and you can find mail order instructions to purchase a set **here.

- ** Posted the extended synopsis with screenshots for cartoon episode #135, "The Milk Run"

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