Friday, November 23, 2007

-->> Mutanimals: The Next Mutation ?? // courtesy of Ryan Brown..::

Mutanimals : The Next Mutation ? ..i ((..never before scene.::TMNT Adventures universe..)) [[..courtesy of Ryan Brown ]]

Mutanimals : The Next Mutation ? ..ii  ((..never before scene.::TMNT Adventures universe..)) [[..courtesy of Ryan Brown ]]

"Unused character designs for a proposed second team of Mutanimals. Looking back most of them are silly but I kinda like the beaver. He has a bionic buzzsaw tail. The raccoon mutant is named Ring Tone." - Ryan Brown ..

- Karai and Co. take center stage this courtesy of Jake Black..::"My Next Ninja Turtles Comic

..Mirage publishing announced my next Ninja Turtles comic today. Here's the info from Mirage, accompanied by a larger version of the cover. It's all copyright 2007 Mirage.

Tales of the TMNT 44

Ship Date: March, 2008

Format: 32 B&W pages, full color cover, standard size comicRetail Price: $3.25Cover art by Dario Brizuela; plot by Murphy and Jake Black, script by Jake Black, art by Dario Brizuela "The Amulet" - This issue features a tale of young Foot initiates, including fan-favorite Karai, and their quest to unearth an amulet of power. The newbie ninjas find what they seek through hard-fought battles with mythic creatures only to face the most deadly enemy of all - treachery from within!

Danny B. ::" "Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Original Volume 1 Series Treasury Edition" is at the printer now and will hopefully be out by mid-December.

"Tales of the TMNT #41" is almost completed and will hopefully be out in December."

- S.Burphy ::"An unfinished page by the incomparable John McCrea from an upcoming issue of Titan's UK TMNT comic magazine. He makes it look so easy, doesn't he? (Much thanks to editor Ned Hartley for bringing John on board.)

John's Wikipedia bio:

"In 1988, after a few years of drawing television and toy tie-ins, he illustrated Ennis's debut, the political series Troubled Souls, in Crisis, in a realistic style, using acrylic paints and mixed media, but its sequel, the farce For a Few Troubles More, showed him moving a more cartoony direction, a trend which continued with his occasional series Carla Allison in Deadline.

"He broke into American comics in 1993, drawing Ennis's run on DC Comics's The Demon, followed by its spin-off, Hitman, from 1996 to 2001, on which McCrea developed a versatile drawing style equally at home with goofy humour, action, and subtle characterisation. Hitman issue 34 won the Eisner Award for best single issue in 1999. His wilder, more exaggerated cartooning found an outlet with Dicks, a miniseries spinning off from For a Few Troubles More into more outrageous dialect, sexual and toilet humour, published by Caliber in 1997, with a sequel, Dicks II, from Avatar in 2002.

"Since Hitman finished he has drawn a variety of characters for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, 2000 AD and others." ..**Click for info and arwork !!

- Dug this offa Matsuda's old blog last week..

'Casey Jones' character design pencils for "TMNT" [4] by Jeff Matsuda..

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