Saturday, November 17, 2007

-->> Tip courtesy of S.Murphy and Jake Black..::

Toy Fare and Wizard Entertainment's TOY OF THE DAY: TMNT ..**Click here for images and press release.

"Think Ninja Turtles is over? It’s not over. It’s never over. With the success of the theatrical movie and the tie-in toy line, the TMNT brand is stronger than ever, and Playmates has rewarded us for our support with more toys. Not only are there new 7-inch Alien Hunters and Global Mutant Missions Turtles toys, complete with new animal and alien foes to fight, there are also new Mini Mutants! These 3-inch figures get new, smaller vehicles (pull-back Cycles, Sliders and a new Battle Shell), new magnetic playsets (connect all four to form one big one!) and cute little bad guys to share their blister packs with."

..these images of 'alien Hunters' and Mini TMNTs have been seen earlier this year, but you may wanna check 'em out again. Also ..the image of the 'Mini-Mutant' playset combiner toy appears to be larger than prior images. ..>v<

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