Friday, July 02, 2004

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A new Spaze Caze comic ..starts right here !! ..and a puppet..!?

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Diamond Comic's Previews mag has hit the stands.. remember ..(generally) books and items in this catolouge don't go on sale for 2 months after the cover date on the magazine..(this is from the July 2004 book.. so most items won't be out until September 2004 or later.
Here is the Listing for September's issue of ..
Tales of the TMNT # 5.

by Jim Lawson w/ Peter Laird

"Blind Faith" - A Leonardo solo story ! Leonardo is blinded by an Elite Foot Ninja out for revenge and is forced to rely on his remaining four senses in this issue long battle! Most intriguing of all is story teller Jim Lawson's approach to the art - this entire issue is told in stark black and white silhouette images - a visually stunning approach that captures the essence of Leonardo's blindness !

..b & w 32 pages - $ 2.95 srp .. due September 2004

--..Keep it real, fer sure !!
..i would imagine that this T-shirt design in the same issue will be available by September (or sooner !!)

--..babies got 'shell-back' ..
The elisive, word that Matt X-E has fallen in love with a rag-tag group of pre-puberty and tiny-shelled toddlers his new article starting here !! ..than6,Javv!!

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