Friday, July 30, 2004

-->> ..DIE!! news from UtromX::
"Got this over at the usagi yojimbo dojoboard and straight from the rabbits mouth. mr sakai said

"I made this announcement at Comic-Con International: San Diego--

Usagi will be back for next season's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' tv show. Not only Usagi, but Gen will be back and, for the first time, Tomoe, Lord Noriyuki, Lord Hebi, Chizu and the Neko Ninja clan, the bat ninja clan, the mole ninja clan and (in a cameo appearance) our two intrepid woodcutters. And that's all in one episode!

Usagi will also be in another episode, and make a cameo in their Christmas show".

..and from what we saw at comic-con.. the Bunny Boy battler took center stage.. !!
Usagi's 20th anniversary is so gonna Rock the Dojo !!

..thanks, Utrom X!!

--..damm bugs..get in mah eyes..!!
..Spaze Caze is back this week .. startin' here..!!

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