Monday, July 26, 2004

..guess who!!

--..back from the overwhelming Comic Con 2004
..give us a little bit to get our sea -farrin' legs..
..tOkK and Mikey gots lotsa pix..and cool turtle tid-bits..

..amidst gettin' to try Konami's new multiplatform TMNT 2 game..a very special rabbit ronin is featured in the game.. 'Usagi Yojimbo' is featured in the battle brawful sequal!!

..Tales of TMNT vol.2 'The Worms of Maddness' is set for animation on Fox Box..

--and be sure to check out all of Mr.B's new pix of the TMNT battle bikes on the official TMNT site starting here !!

-- Wes's Scary Crayon; takes Krang to hell n' back and some kinky dino action starting here !!

.. talk to you in a bit !!

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