Tuesday, July 06, 2004

-->> ..hang on..jus' lemmee lick this pizza sauce off yir glove there.. ah yeh..~~**sluuurrp..
..in the Winter of 1998 the unimaginable happened..the unthinkable.. and most unnerving the impossible.
It split the TMNT and P.R. communites in 53 million uneven and un-equal factions!!

While most would have dismissed it as pure politics..or perhaps burying of the hatchet..or a mere ruse to soften the fact that FOX KIDS had canceled the highly contraversial and extremly popular 'Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation .. nothing is known for sure..

..however WES ,of the Highly acclaimed Scary-Crayon ..takes a deeper look into the most insane,confusing tale of Turn-coat Turtles.. and and a weird alliance of some very 'Powerful' Rangers

..Read.. Wes's 'Shell Shocked' (starting here)
..it's all out mayhem,really big Turtles, and really big robots,Alpha,and the sexiest Power Rangers ever..

..TMNT vs. Powere Rangers.. !! It's offical.. better get a sedative !!
..GO GO COWABUNGA !! ..ok i'll shut up, ..Thanks ,WES !!

-- ..the secret is..:we're actually frogs..
..turtles hit the 10 mark..

..more and more TMNT volume 10: Secret Origins is poppin' up at the shoppes,stores n' mom n' pop video stops.. !!

.. i spotted the vid last week at Media Play & odds are it's been out at a few other places. Anyway.. keep your eyes peeled if ya haven't yet hooked up with the Turtles #10 and the shockin' revalations that turned the TMNTs' lives upside down n' on it's back !!



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