Wednesday, June 30, 2004

-->> ..o' you bast4rd..
while the Turtles take the center stage on the Ninja Action..Splinter,Foot Soldier, and Shredder are not gonna be outdone..
The Offical TMNT Web has previews and Quick-time movies(starting here) on how the up-and-coming..action Trio work.. !!'s not clear when these guys are gonna be released, but of coarse i'll let ya know when they are comin' down the Sewer Pipe (all poop jokes aside) !!

-- 'Coloralot Books'..founded by Mirage Studios vetrans ;Steve Lavigne and Ryan also the main license holder to alot of the TMNT Colour/activity books you find in the Crayon section of yir fave shoppes!!
Mr. B has uploaded the Diff' TMNT Colour Book Covers (starting here) as well as plenty of samble pages for ya to print out !! So Print,grab yir crayolas..all ya'lls lil' Ninjee Artists you ..start scribblin' !!

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