Sunday, July 18, 2004

T-drome's,Splint gives us some more on the next TMNT DVD volumes (as reported earlier)::

And we finally have another release in the New TMNT Series to to announce.

On October 5th, TMNT Vol. 12 "Croc Attack" will be released for the usual MSRP of $14.98. It's expected to include the following 5 episodes, unless they decide to again leave the last episode off from a story arc to make it four episodes per disc. Expected episodes are: #38 - What a Croc!, #39 - Return to the Underground, #40 - City at War pt. 1, #41 City at War pt. 2, and #42 - City at War #43. Epsides and any extras have not been confirmed, so take that with a grain of salt.

And on October 19th, TMNT: "Michelangelo's Christmas Rescue" will street, this lower priced single DVD has a MSRP of only $12.98. No real details have been released about this either, though it sounds like it will be a 'special' that will adapt to animation the 'Klunk' issue of the classic Mirage TMNT comics. I'm suprised that they actually went with a direct to video DVD release for this 'mini-movie' but hopefully more info will surface soon. Again, no features for this have been announced either.

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