Wednesday, July 14, 2004

-->> !!
..King Leatherhead !!
..Frederick B. Owens. (the snappin' Gator voice of one of the Turtle's biggest,sanppiest.. allies:: Leatherhead.. is featured in a really cool about his stage work,his roots, and 'The King & I',as well as TMNT in an article in North Carolina's Henderson Dispatch (starting here) !!

'TV Shows on DVD' provides some more info on the current TMNT 3 inch mini-DVDs out now and some mystery ..these are the ones advertised on 'TMNT vol .10'(starting here ) !! can fit a whole pizz in here !! No really !!
..i know it's the middle of summer.. School is the last thing ya wanna think about..
.. but Thermos has a cool secection of Lunch Kits including TMNT ones to help make lunch-time more bearable durin' those hard studyin' seasons..
Checkit starting here !!
These lunch kits are showing up in stores RIGHT NOW !!

..happy Hump day !!

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