Monday, March 03, 2008


-->> ..Psycho Snapper is once again getting on AIM chats and talking to people giving the impression that he is ME.

This person is NOT TOKKA ..and he is giving out my personal info.

If you see this person on AIM and he is bothering you , Notify me immediately ** !!

..Thanks.. i'll alert AOL again to what is happening.

** Update**

.. i have confronted this person, and talked to him. He appears to be someone just mimicking me. Or at least trying to. Perhaps a little kid. I'm not sure.

I don't use things like " -->> " ..or " >v< " when i chat.

I only go like this "-->>" on forums,emails and bloggs to distinguish what i am saying from other people such as when i am quoting them or at the start of an email.

" >v< " is just a stupid little emoticon i use to sign off as on my posts.

.. i'll keep people updated here and cross-post this on ALL my bloggs.

Thanks again..

- The forums are back ..but the template is temporaily set on the old forum design until Mikey can make the time fix the issues with the new one. So you can post again. Hopefully the more secure forums will be back soon.


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Leonardo said...

Hey, tOkKa. what heppened with your AIM??