Friday, March 28, 2008

-->> ..thanks to Slash for the head's up ..

From the blog of **Simon Furman ::

"The latest issue of Titan’s torrid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (#12) comic/mag hits UK stores today (March 27th) and features (among the usual fun, features and free gift goodness) part 1 (of 2) of an all-new, all-different comic strip: ‘Rewind’, written by me with art by Diego Jourdan (and Kris Carter on colours). What makes Rewind different? Well, for the first time ever, anywhere, the ‘Fast Forward’ Turtles (of 2105) appear side-by-side with their 2005 counterparts, uniting the then and now. ‘Fast Forward,’ ‘Rewind’… geddit? Anyway, how this all works (and trust me, it took some temporal twisting) centres around a certain Chronox Corporation and the kidnap of Splinter. Suddenly, the Turtles of two eras are investigating the same mystery, but the coming together of the two Turtles teams may just equal catastrophe! For a peek at cover to the issue (so’s ya know what to buy!), click on the thumbnail .. .. "

"I have a website called AstroBoy World and to mark the 1 year anniversary of the TMNT movie I wrote an article about it and how it relates to Imagi's upcoming AstroBoy movie.

**Read it here.

Sayonara." -- Ninjatron

..some awesome insight on TMNT' s and Imagi's important & impact on the world of animation.

Bioworld TMNT retro :: Key Chain / Bag Charm ((2008))

-- ..available at Hot Topic now.. !!

- The following via Steve Murphy..

..".. a bit of too-cute TMNT DIY crochet crafting: **a hat and **amigurimi. .."

-- Steve Murphy


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