Saturday, March 29, 2008

** Official TMNT art work auction listings by Mirgae studios Alumni ..Steve Lavigne **

-->> TMNT art-legend Steve Lavigne has been inking, penciling, painting, and slappin coulor over the Green Gang scince nearly the beginning !!

He's posted some art auctions for the fans ..featuring the work of Steve himself with work he helped create with other Mirage greats like Mike Dooney, Jim Lawson, and Chris Allen.

It's the core and heart of TMNT history baby !!


-- Dan B. on the official TMNT [ dOt ] com .. ::

Faraji !!

--"Chris from 4Kids Entertainment has sent me a big batch of production artwork from the "Ninja Tribunal" episodes that I'll be cleaning up and adding to the **Art Gallery (Click Here) - this week I've posted pix of Aikido Joi, Shikendo Faraji, Shotokan Tora, Tang Soo Adam, Ninja Tribunal (Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, Silver Eyes and Yellow Eyes), Chikara Shisho, Hisomi Shisho, Juto Shisho and Kon Shisho.

-- **Sven sent in an image of an old handheld video game from Konami - note that this is a "Hero" Turtle release, so it was probably only available in the U.K. and England.


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