Thursday, March 06, 2008

-->> NECA TMNT BOX SETS & NYCC Exclusives ..

NECA TMNT - Box set // Standard [[Courtesy of Steve Murphy and Randy @ NECA]]

NECA TMNT - Box set // New York City Comic - con Exclusive  ..for signing by Peter Laird  [[Courtesy of Steve Murphy and Randy @ NECA]]

"Images and the following italicized info courtesy Randy @ NECA.

'The regular retail version of the boxed set contains the 4 turtles with only their core weapons (sai, bo, nunchuks, katanas).

The New York ComicCon set (limited to 500 pieces and packaged with a NYCC sticker) contains diorama bases, interchangeable climbing claw hands, baby turtles (before mutation), some extra weapons (like throwing stars).

The single carded release will include the extras found in the boxed set but tailored individually to each turtle.'

As you may know, Peter Laird will be signing those limited NYCC sets at the NECA booth on Saturday, April 19 from 1-3."

-- Steve Murphy


** Press Release Via Steve **

" NECA’s 2008 convention season kicks off with the 3rd annual New York Comic Con April 18 – 20th 2008! This year, NECA has a very special exclusive, and a very special guest. Peter Laird, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Peter Laird will be appearing at the NECA booth on Saturday, April 19th, from 1PM-3PM, signing a New York Comic Con Exclusive Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Set. This set contains all four Ninja Turtle action figures, plus additional accessories and diorama bases. This exclusive, limited to just 500 pieces, will be the only version of the box set to contain all the additional accessories from the single-carded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 1 - in stores this May. The Exclusive Edition box set will cost $50 and are limited to one per guest (emphasis mine). Purchase details will be revealed in the coming weeks. "

-- Offically yours , Dan B.::

***4Kids TV is asking fans to vote on their favorite theme song for the upcoming seventh season of the TMNT toon beginning this September.

Vote totals as of this morning ((Wen. March 5 ~t) are below - make your voice heard and click here to go to the voting page!

Song #1 1,570 votes

Song #2 868 votes

Song #3 7,147 votes

Song #4 1,998 votes

Song #5 5,628 votes

Song #6 1,009 votes

- CB from 4Kids Entertainment sent us the following info about the final cover art for the season five DVD. ..

"I have attached the FINAL DVD cover art for the Lost Episodes/Ninja Tribunal without text or logos. The version that is on Amazon is actually not the final version!"

** Click here for cover image.. !!**


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