Friday, February 29, 2008

-->> "Pick us a Rockin Theme Song"

Voting is now up on 4Kids for the next theme song for the upconing season on TMNT ** Click here n' choose your fave and cross your fingers !! ((Thanks to Vaughn for the heads-up ..))

..courtesy of Hero ::

".. check out the sweet free gift that is bundled with the March issue of UK TMNT. There was also a Bo Staff version a while back too. "

TMNT gang .. for "Cereal GeeK" art by Rich Molinelli [[ Courtesy of Steve Murphy ]]

TMNT cover feature .. for "Cereal GeeK"  [[ Courtesy of Steve Murphy ]]

"Here's a wonderful group shot by artist Rich Molinelli, done for the latest issue of the magazine Cereal Geek." --Steve Murphy

Via C.G. :: Okay, so it took a little longer than expected, but issue THREE of cereal:geek has finally arrived! :)

**UK customers - Visit the cereal:geek website and purchase the magazine dedicated to animation from the eighties! :)

***OVERSEAS customers - Please purchase the magazine from Graham Crackers Comics here: cereal:geek ISSUE THREE

Trust me, issue three has been worth the wait...honestly...:) .."

"Thanks for the link to these, Neil. And thanks to "Perez85," who originally put these up on Photobucket. Not sure where these came from (the 4kids site?), but I would bet these glimpses into the world of the 2K8 season are part of that marketing campaign I wrote about a while back. Nice to see though, isn't it?

-- Steve Murphy..

- Dan B. Provides a peek at Tales # 44 here ** ..


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