Thursday, March 06, 2008

-->> ..ambitious things happened for the psychotic little invader known at the 'SPAZE CAZE' in 2007..

..The Demonic entity known as *"THE MADDNEZZ" boosted up his attacks on the Alien ..and Spaze's adventures became epic as ever !!

Not bad for the web-cult CRASS/CLASSIC ..and the internet's most misunderstood web-comic !!

Last fall i started another trilogy re-introducing a one-shot enemy from Spaze's past .. " **The StiTchez" ..

..the evil Bear would kick off a new campaign against the Invader and further make Spaze's life a living hell..all courtesy of Maddnezz.

Sadly ..real life does not waver. As Tokka has had to learn the hard way. A horrid holiday season, other projects, and a recent tragedy pushed the trilogy back and the trilogy's story line has been altered by a 1/2 ..which is good .. (( Technically making the trilogy a 4 - parter )). The storyline is back on track.

♦ ♦ -- CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 of the 'StiTchez Too' trilogy..-- ♦ ♦

* * -- CLICK HERE FOR PART HALF of the 'StiTchez Too' trilogy..-- * *

.. parts 3 and 4 to follow !!

..if you missed any of the action, comics , out-of-this- world art..
.. or just want to catch up on the surreal adventures of the Lost Invader ..

** The Spaze Caze Archival is available here..**

..which is an entire compendium of all the Space Caze ComiX and illustrative adventures in a chronological order ..

*** For just the Spaze Caze Gallery on t2z .. Click Here ***


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