Friday, March 14, 2008

TMNT & 4 Kids Papercraft   !! .. (( i  always knew they were real buncha  BLOCKHEADS !!))

-->> ** Click here here for craft creations of TMNT ,Sonic , Yugi, Dino King and more on 4Kids !!

-Alien Hunters : Multiflex and Buzrock .. U.K. Exclusive ?!

From Hero .. ::More UK TMNT related news comes in the form of a recent scalping trip by yours truely to a large Bristol based Woolworths store.

Found today were the highly sought after Multiflex, Buzzrock and Secret Agent Donatello (from Fast Forward).

Finding these in Woolworths and nowhere else makes a lot of sense since 'Woolies' are known to get action figures exclusivley to thier own chain. ..

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