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S.Murphy ::

TMNT movie sequel sorta news.4

"You are not going to believe this but no decision was made at yesterday's meeting between Mirage and Imagi. Things are still 50-50 with regards to whether or not there will be a movie sequel. Not only that but the new "window" in which to make a decision has been extended four months.

While I can't go into details, I can say that Imagi showed up with one potential premise and that it was shot down by Pete (yeah, only one, hard to believe), and that the premise supplied by yours truly "did not lift my skirt" (in Pete's words). So... both sides have to come up with new, skirt-lifting premises, as well as work out a few other minor conceptual/design snags before a green light is given. Hearts seem to be in place but minds have yet to follow....

So, yeah, once again: stay tuned."

Larry Christmas's // Brown & Lavigne's 'TMNT Retro' April commissions ..ii [[Courtesy of S.Murphy]]((2007))

Murph:: "Even though I'm not making the calls on the Retro April style guide art I remain in the email loop... and just received this revised action pose (the right hand was reworked). I put my two cents in (again; I think I'm up to a dime now) and reiterated that the Retro April should not have any fight poses, that she needs her microphone in at least one pose, etc. No reaction yet. .. ..

* One of the Steve Lavigne-Ryan Brown retro April poses.

She needs a bit of padding in a couple of spots (and overall more filling out) but otherwise I thought this was pretty much right on in terms of style. .. " ..

- Following is courtesy of Ryan Brown ::

(TMNT Spinoff) ..Mutanimals The Animated Series! - MAN RAY ((Ray Fillet)) & 'The Den' ..[[Courtesy of Ryan Brown]] ((1992))

**Ryan Brown:: "Here we have Man Ray (officially named Ray Fillet for the Mutanimals cartoon pitch) and the "Den" - the floating fortress
of the Mutanimals. Quoting from the animation bible:
"The Den is the secret high-tech headquarters of the Mutanimals. Built by Donatello to be disguised as a volcanic island, The Den is both home and a mobile HQ for the team. Ocean-based, The Den can maneuver across all the earth's seas."

Of note the text reads that Ray is to be "modeled after Clint Eastwood for voice and personality."

Go ahead punk, make my day.

Can you see that ?" .. ..

(TMNT Spinoff) ..Mutanimals The Animated Series! - Dreadmon & Wyrm ..[[Courtesy of Ryan Brown]] ((1992))

.. .. Animation drawings of Dreadmon and the creepy villain Wyrm from the Mutanimals style guide." ..

Following 3 items ..courtesy of Rosemary and V.Michael ..::

Foottech's son has to use the stubby 'saftey swords'.

Rose::"The new Mini-Mutant 2-packs have been sighted at Toys R Us stores for $5.99. Pictured .. is the mini-Foot Tech Ninja with his larger counterpart."

- TMNT Nominated For Annie Award

"TMNT has been nominated for an Annie Award in the category of Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production

Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production

Don Hall – ‘Meet The Robinsons’ – Walt Disney Feature Animation

Denise Koyama – “Surf’s Up” – Sony Pictures Animation

Ted Mathot – “Ratatouille” – Pixar Animation Studios

Sean Song – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – IMAGI Animation Studios

Nassos Vakalis – “Bee Movie” – DreamWorks Animation

Good luck to Sean and the entire Imagi crew!

Thanks to Andrew for the heads-up. .."

- [[ATTN. Karai Fans !!]] Tales of the TMNT #44 Preview Pages

"Dario Brizuela has posted some previews of the pencils for Tales of the TMNT #44 on his blog.

You can check out the preview pages here.**

You can check out the pencils and final version of the cover here.***

Tales of the TMNT #44 will be on sale in March."


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