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"Have you ever wondered why “The Forever War” 5-issue story arc was never printed in Archie Comics’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures?

Let me tell you a story…
Long time gone, long time coming (part 1)  - - 'The Forever War'  ad  A & TMNT Adventures #71 cover..((story Never released)) [[courtesy of S. Murphy]]

Mirage Studios. Northampton, Massachusetts. Early 1995.

I had been working behind the scenes on “the Archie book” since issue #5 in two generally un-credited capacities: as Mirage’s in-house editor on the series (which fell under my job title of “Editor of Licensed Publications”) and as a developer of story lines, the latter a role I first shared with Ryan Brown (through issue #30 or so) and then later with Chris Allan (when I wasn’t doing it solo).

I had just finished work on “The Moon Eyes Saga” story arc (TMNTA #67-70), wherein Raphael travels to Alaska seeking the love of his life, Ninjara, only to romantically lose her to another. It was heavy stuff for a kids’ book – at least by the standards of the day – and I was once again at odds with the two bigwigs at Archie Comics: editor in chief Victor Gorelick and publisher Michael Silberkleit, both of whom thought we were “going too far” in terms of adult themes. Both men, as well as their distribution guy, Fred Mauser, had been on my ass about this several times before, most heatedly when we put out the first “future Turtles” story arc, wherein Chris and I developed the character of Hitler’s brain (but that’s another story).

Victor and Michael wanted to know where the book was going with issue 71, and when I told them we would be revisiting the future (the Greenhouse Earth future, another notion which freaked them out) for a 5-issue story arc featuring the return of the Shredder - a totalitarian Shredder (not the buffoon of the cartoon) – they popped their toupees. And said they wanted me off the book.

To be continued….

(Pictured: the cover to the original TMNT Adventures #71, the first issue of The Forever War story arc. Pencils by Chris Allan. Inks by Eric Talbot.)"

(( .. this story line has been rumoured to released as a collected volume or summin' for a few years now.

It may happen as the TMNT's 25th birthday approaches. Here we see Shredder Triumphant as he has taken control over the 'Future Donatello'.

..the mid- to late 1990s were an interesting time for TMNTs in the original cartoon and the Archie comic book as darker story lines and character development were introduced.

..We'll see.. ~t ))

** Update**

Murph ::"The Forever War WILL see print as a trade in May 2009, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the TMNT. It will be immediately preceded by another trade, a reprint of TMNTA issues that relate to and precede the events of The Forever War.

This I swear. Come Hell or high water! "


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- Dan :: "Peter Laird is putting together the next issue of TMNT Volume 4. If anyone would like to write a "letter to the editor", now would be the time to do it!"

- ((Speecial thanks to Vaughn forthe reminder..))

Khalil spotted 4Kids' TMNT Season Two DVD season set on Amazon.com, currently scheduled for release on February 18. It's currently listed as a single disc, so if that's the case, I don't know how many are planned. There's no cover image yet, but you can pre-order it at Amazon via the following link:

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- "Tales of the TMNT" #41 is going to the printer today ((Dec.13 ~t ))and with any luck will be picked up by Diamond Comic Distributors on December 26... so it sadly won't make its December release date, but it should be out in early January. At the moment, #42, #43 and #44 are on schedule and should ship on time.

Ryan Brown::

Wanted to let you know there's more full-color, original art available from Peter and Steve. **You can email Steve for details.

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