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- Hand-made TMNT beanies and 3-fingered Mittens !!
Check out Big Apple's awsome TMNT headgear and and mittens !!

B.Apple::"They're crocheted by me, turnaround time will probably be a week or so. You can't tell in the photo, but the masks have tails in the back that tie, and everything.

They're made-to-order, $25 per set or $80 for all four. I'll also consider trades, I'm looking to accumulate the DVDs of the original cartoon.

The colors may not be exactly as shown, because I've run out of those particular yarns, so let me know if you have a preference as to shade of green. Otherwise I'll probably go with the general shades they are in the 2003 cartoon."

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Following info Courtesy of Ryan Brown ::

(TMNT Spinoff) ..Mutanimals The Animated Series! -  Jagwar & Executor ..[[Courtesy of Ryan Brown]]  ((1992))

Mutanimals The Animated Series!

Ryan Brown::Back in 1992 the Mutanimals were being shopped around by Mirage as a spin-off of the turtles. Ruby-Spears showed some interest, so an animation bible was produced along with a style guide of all the characters, environs and vehicles by some Hollywood animator (I forget who). Plot synopses for the first season were completed, with the 13 episodes centered around the Mutanimals' efforts to combat an invasion by Maligna.

All the regular cast of the Mutanimals make the transition, although they were redesigned - streamlined you might say - to accommodate budgetary restrictions in the animation process.

Krang makes the jump from the TMNT universe to become the main villain and friend of Maligna. A host of villains both new and old are on board to help keep the Mutanimals on their toes.

Of note, you will be pleased to hear, the Mutanimals get a new member: Ninjara joins the group.

The Turtles guest star in the first 4 episodes.

In Episode 9 the Mutanimals go to Dimension X to meet Cudley the Cowlick. How's that for cool?

Above you'll find the animation drawings from the show's style guide of Jagwar and the villain, Executor.

(TMNT Spinoff) ..Mutanimals The Animated Series! - ..Ship Arkwind & Ninjara ..[[Courtesy of Ryan Brown]] ((1992))

Ryan Brown::" More from the Mutanimals animation style guide. The Arkwind is the team's flagship. Ninjara is, well, Ninjara. The text from her page reads: "When time permits Ninjara has been training Mondo Gecko in the martial art of ninjitsu." Cool! .."

- you may want to check on on ebay as S.Lavigne and Peter Laird's hand painted works have become really hot items !! **Click here

- Leatherhead 8 page story info !!..((**Click Here))

- ..check out Lavigne's classic ink work on Tales volume 1 ** Here and **Here .. ((Complete Carnage and Leatherhead's first nemesis !! !!))

- Got 3000 bucks ?? ..A nice investment if you can 'shell out' ..

Simon Bisley & Kevin Eastman's 'Body Count' #4 Cover art.. by BIZ ..  ((1994)) // i need a 3000 $$ loan ..;( PHHOOEY !!

..Biz's classic work from Body Count #4 ..and one of the greatest Raph paintings ever made..

** is here.. ..

TMNT movie sequel sorta news.3

- S.Murphy::

Well, tomorrow's the big day. The three top executives of Imagi Animation are visiting Mirage for a meeting with Peter Laird and CEO Gary in order to decide once and for all whether or not we will be going forward with a movie sequel.

Movie info isn't always easy to come by around here and as a result I ask a lot of nosy questions. One of the few things that I've learned about this whole sequel topic is that if Imagi were to go forward, they would like to see the story set in Japan, or elsewhere in Asia. Another thing is that there exists the possibility that Imagi wants to attach a "name" screenwriter or "name" writer-director to the project.

However, amongst my other weasel-like qualities is a healthy if sometimes self-delusional assertiveness... and thus I have just thrown my hat into the ring (otherwise defined as "begging") and submitted a plot for the second movie, one that has no strings attached, meaning that if I don't get hired to write the screenplay (a long shot by any standard), my ideas could be used, without my being used.

At any rate, I should have more news on the movie front by Wednesday. Friend and fellow TMNT scribe Jake Black is coincidentally visiting Mirage Tuesday... and I don't imagine I'll have much time to post tomorrow.

Yeah, stay tuned...

Larry Christmas's 'TMNT Retro' April commissions [[Courtesy of  S.Murphy]]((2007))

Larry Christmas's 'TMNT Retro' April commissions [[Courtesy of  S.Murphy]]((2007))

"Well, the Powers That Be weren't very pleased with the four Retro April pieces that I commissioned from Steve Lavigne and Ryan Brown, and so had the 4Kids art director hire artist Larry Christmas to design new poses (the 4-shot) which were later revised, minus the peace/victory sign and a few other changes (the 3-shot). While these are undoubtedly great drawings of April, they still ain't exactly retro. I'm beginning to feel that I'm the only one around here who views "retro" as meaning "original to the past," or at least in the exact same style as what had existed in the past (and by the original artists).

At the very least I'm going to try to get all eight pieces into the style guide...."

- News and notes from Dan B. and the official TMNT site :: ..

*NECA's TMNT Leonardo action figure is listed for pre-order in the December 2007 issue of Diamond Comic Distributors catalog "Previews" on page 420. Below is a picture of the final paint deco, which, if you'll pardon my enthusiasm, is totally killer!

*Speaking of Diamond, you can also pre-order "Tales of the TMNT" #43 and "Tales of the TMNT Collected Books Volume 5", which are listed on page 303 of the December 2007 issue of "Previews". "Previews" is available via comic book shops and participating hobby stores.

Below is information taken from the latest press release from 4Kids Entertainment:

TV News

*Fall ’07: Fast Forward is 4Kids TV’s top rated show! On November 10, 2007 the show received a 2.6 for Boys 6-11 and a 2.8 for Boys 2-5 which were the highest ratings in the block!

*Spring ’08: 4Kids TV will be airing a series of 12 never before seen ‘lost episodes’ called “Ninja Tribunals."

*Fall ’08: 13 new episodes and a brand new toy line are in development for Season 7:

When the Turtles return from the future to their present time, Viral interferes causing Master Splinter to get trapped in cyberspace, bits of his data code scattered all throughout the digital domain. The Turtles must find a way to access the virtual realm so they can gather Splinter’s code and save their beloved father before he is lost to them forever...

*4Kids TV On Demand: TMNT was one of 4Kids' top viewed shows available on-demand, with over 560,000 views in October!

Toy News

*Spring ’08: New toy lines being launched in Spring ’08 include Mini-Mutants, Alien Escape, Turtle Action Gear, and brand new action vehicles including the Sewer-Slider and Mini Battle Shell! These lines have been well-received and the toy line has even gained additional shelf space at Target and K-Mart! There will be 4-5 feet of TMNT toys in Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target!

*Spring '08 - TMNT Code Green Sweepstakes: TMNT collectible cards are included in over 270,000 TMNT toys from Playmates for Spring 2008. There are 8 cards to collect, each one with a code. Kids can enter the codes at a **** where they can get access to amazing TMNT games, puzzles, and more! In addition, kids can enter to win turtle-tastic prizes including a trip to New York City to record a voice in a Turtles episode plus the entire TMNT Spring toy line from Playmates. There are also great runner-up and second place prizes to win!

*Fall ’08: Two new Playmates toy lines are in development for Fall 2008 in support of the new episodes. The Sub-Sewer line features the Turtles and their underground gear while the Iron Mutant line has the Turtles armed and ready for battle with Shredder!

Video Game News

*Following the highly successful TMNT movie video game release this year, Ubisoft is creating a TMNT Video Game for release in 2009! Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo engage in a new series of adventures!

New Licensees:

*A & A Global Industries - Cell phone danglers, buildable characters, balloon shooters, character tops, grow your own characters, stickers, temporary tattoos!

*Etchstar - Laser images etched onto iPods and laptops. Fans can purchase brand new Apple products directly from, an authorized Apple dealer and Apple Specialist and have it customized 'on-demand,' or send in their already- owned iPod or other device to have it customized. Etchstar is offering TMNT fans free shipping during the month of December! The coupon code for that is SHPFE12.

*Good Stuff - Plush, rubber inflatable balls, soft stuffed novelties, pillows, towels, headwear and mirrors.

*Infinity Headwear and Apparel - Boys' juniors and young men's headwear (caps, baseball hats and beanies) & cold weather accessories (gloves, scarves and mittens).

*Sketchers - Cali-bits (shoe charms) for Sketchers.

TMNT Retro Licensing Program

*TMNT goes Retro! We are in the midst of developing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles retro campaign based on the look from the hugely successful 1980s TV series. The Retro campaign offers nostalgic product for the 20-something fans of the original lean, green, ninja machines that are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Below is a list of the licensees that are on board!

*Bio World - Men’s & women’s headwear, bags, wallets, wristbands, belts & buckles

*Hot Topic - Terry wrist cuffs, wallets, metal pins, metal key chains, key caps, and vinyl cut stickers, sketchbooks

*Briefly Stated - Loungewear, Underwear Sets & Sleepwear

*Giant - T-shirts, Track Jackets, Woven Shirts, Board Shorts, Jr./Tween T-Shirts, Belts & Belt Buckles, boys’ and young men’s t-shirts, fashion tops and fleece

*NECA - Collector action figures, statues, busts, weapon prop replicas, collector bobbleheads

*Disguise - Halloween Costumes

*NKOK, Inc - Vehicle race sets, battery operated vehicles, remote control operated vehicles

25th Anniversary Celebration

*2009 is the 25th anniversary for TMNT (the first comic book was published in May 1984)! 4Kids is developing a year-long celebration for our green heroes! Watch out for more details in the coming months!

*The "Tales of the TMNT Volume 1 Series Treasury Edition" was delivered to Diamond Comic Distributors yesterday, so it should hit store shelves over the next two weeks or so.

*"Tales of the TMNT" #41 is still in production, but it will hopefully be done soon and be out before the end of the month.


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