Friday, December 28, 2007

'A Journey to Boar's Town' by Peter Laird from "After the Bomb" - A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Supplement by Erick Wujcik ((1986))

-->> Courtesy of A.Modeen by way of Ivey ..::

" ..

From Ivey:


I remember when I first learned of the Mirage Turtles
many years ago going out and trying to find all of the
books on those turtles with the red mask, and running
into a book that was not a comic book though a game. I
never could figure out the game, too much reading for
me. Though the information I did figure out, like the
Turtles bios, were great. I would often refer back to
those books and seen it as the official information on
the Turtles, better than the toy packages, video games
or other books that came out. The Palladium RPG books
was my source for TMNT stats.

As I kept going in fandom I remember picking up the
book "Turtle Treasury" where I read the story of how
Palladium Books is the reason that Mark Freedman
(Surge) even got introduced to the Ninja Turtles. Many
of you have heard me talk highly of Palladium for
this, without them we don't know if there would of
ever been the cartoons, movies, toys, ect... or if any
of us would of ever even heard of Ninja Turtles. I
stress it often that I feel these guys are wonderful,
and deserve so much more credit in TMNT History.

The Writer of the book is Mr. Erick Wujcik. I got the
Honor to meet Erick for a few minutes at the Palladium
Books open house last May. At this event I thanked him
for his work on TMNT and got him to autograph my
T-Shirt. He was very nice, though also very busy since
he was doing panels and games. He was so alive, you
could just see it in his eyes. This is someone I had
hopes to meet again.

Today I got a message, one that deeply saddens me and
I was asked to pass this message along to others...


Kevin Siembieda wrote:
Erick Wujcik, the author of the TMNT RPG and various
sourcebooks, among many other books, is dying of
cancer. The time he probably has left is measured in

We started a blog to commorate his life while Erick
can enjoy reading all the well wishes. it is

Please feel free to pass this information along to
others, as well as make comments on the blog.


I have already made a post to the blog, and I hope
many others join in on this. Though I'm really sorry
that this news is here, it's never easy to see anyone
go. So let's all be support to a man who have helped
touch all of our lives, even if he didn't realize it. .."


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