Monday, December 03, 2007


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-->> ..a trip tOkKA's KriB is more than some bargain ..

over the years .. the one and only schizo-snapper has a personality the nations have grown to loath.

Yeh like that ever stopped him.

The 'FRAME' of mind the Toddler's been in lately recently made him "snap" once again.

Tokka went so crazy that he was slahsing prices all over the store !!


The long 'unreadable' ..and LOST Krib Klassic:: 'Frames' has gotten an overhaul.

Recent revisions to the mad-cap,money savings adventure gave Cawazy Tokka's Frame Emporium a nice coat of paint and some fresh clean code.

VoilĂ !!

Now Tokka's ready for your buisiness in and the Slap-stick-spikey Snapper is ready to save ya big time so you can go blow the stack of money ya saved on cheap bourbon and donuts !!

** CLICK HERE For The 'GRANDE RE-OPENING' of Cawazy Tokka's Frame Emporium **

Serving the Frame Snapping Community since 1999 !! Picture yourself at terrible2z and in one of Tokka's Frames..

..then picture yourself regurgitating your bacon n' bean-burrito lunch all over your gramma's wedding photos !! ..>v<

** ** **

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