Saturday, December 30, 2006

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UPDATE regarding the leaked pix ..::

From Cyn (thanks..)

"Apparently they were from a 40 minute presentation for the “in-house” crew (like 4kids and the toy people), but someone “in-house” must have decided on his or her own to “share” with the outside world. On one hand, I think that THAT particular person should lose his or her job. I’m dying to hear what Kevin Munroe thinks of the whole deal-- several people have asked him at the Drome, but so far he’s not responded."

..Further amending of this post - ..

..get a clue !!

.. between Mikey,Nitro and myself.. keeping this site up and running requires alot of hard work sometimes we just don't even have the time for. Requiring to make the time is exceptionally difficult ..but we pull it off cuz it's a labour of love. I can only speak for myself tho'..but the chaotic balance i have to maintain to help keep fellow fans in the know is not easy..not one bit !!

A ghost that's haunted me ever since i started on this internet thing and joined the Turtle fandom collective in 1999 is being extremely misunderstood. That ghost has reared it's head again the past few months on other websites and places on the net i once rather enjoyed frequenting. For whatever reason people have set it up in their minds that i am NOT communicable,that i cannot compromise, or be reasoned with. Or so it seems. Some people are vague or don't even communicate with me at all no matter how hard i try,beg,or plead with them.

This needs to stop. Especially in this instance. This site is a small news source and takes so much effort to keep going. I don't ask for much but to treated reasonably. Instead of coming to me as i requested..powers that be once again threaten those who i care about instead of coming directly to the source of the issue: Me!!

The point of this report was to share in the excitement of the information i found out 3rd and 4th hand and share it with others. I am not a bad person and i was not trying to exploit anyone or hurt anyone. Bottom line .. i was doing my job here !!

Whoever you are ..please do not further continue to harass my friends thru' this website. Please come to me..
send me a Email**
at the very least !!

..i have been honest and open to all critics over the years in various forums,sites,chats, ect. ..and NOT ONCE have i EVER meant any harm to MIRAGE,4kids,WB, it's people,artists,writers,workers..ect. That being said.. i am not open to all out attacks on my friends especially if it's from a choice i have made on info i have shared with others !!

I wouldn't be doing this if i wasn't a TMNT fan .. and wasn't excited about new Turtle bits,news,media,comics,events ..ect. !! My god.. get a f6ckin' clue!!

COME TO ME..**EMAIL ME if you have an issue
with something i have done !! Attacking other fans for my decisions is not only f7cked ..up it's wrong !!

..i am truly sorry for any issues this may have caused those that may have been hurt by this.


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