Thursday, December 21, 2006

-->> ..special thanks and note from Cyn, A.Modeen, and Dark Horizons for shining the light on the right 'USA Today' article..

"Slow to return, teen Turtles are back!" (**Click here ..!!)


Dark Horizons::"A huge cast has been lined up to play supporting characters in the upcoming CG-animated Ninja Turtles movie "TMNT".

In an extensive two-part article in USA Today, it has been revealed that the likes of Patrick Stewart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Evans, Zhang Ziyi and Kevin Smith are all playing roles in the picture which is due out March 30th.

Stewart is voicing the film's villain Max Winters, a tech industrialist who is amassing an army of monsters in the city, whilst Ziyi voices the villainess Karai who leads an evil army of Foot Ninjas.

Gellar is the voice of human researcher April who serves as their technician and mother figure, Evans plays the hockey-stick-swinging Casey Jones, and Smith cameos as a greasy-spoon chef.

The Turtles themselves will not have celebrity voices. New photos of the Turtles, Splinter, Karai and her Ninjas can all be found here. .."

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- **'Get under the shell of 'Turtles' (Kevin Smith <3 TMNT !!)

- **Special video clip !! Turtles in action !!

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** Update .. i just got this bit o' noose from 'X' thanxx, X !! .. ::

"Patrick Stewart is set to voice the villain Max
Winters in the upcoming TMNT movie. The new film will
be CG-animated. Winters is an insane industrialist who
sets out to seek revenge against a former employer
before setting his sights on the far more ambitious
goal of world conquest. The film will focus on the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles setting out to stop him."


This is mostly bogus. What former employer? There's no
former employer -- Winters is the CEO of his own
company and answers to no one. Winters isn't insane,
only mostly a mild-mannered enigmatic businessman
working in exports (April's boss) until the third act,
where he's pretty much a hero fighting beside the
Turtles. He's also immortal, like the four Immortal
generals, but isn't stricken with their curse that
leaves them as immortal stone golems. The Turtles
aren't out to stop Winters at all -- never! They want
to help him stop the monsters the man's 4 Immortal
generals are trying to capture to open a portal that
will bring about the end of the world. ..'
- X


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