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-->> Late again .. o thrown of the work horse there.. n' the jingle-jangle dingle and Happy Menorahs were very distractin' to tOkKa ..oo pretty lights !! Any way ..last minute updates to to throw some snow on the fire..::

-- Movie info courtesy of Roseangelo and Hero .. ::

..according to 411 ..and T-drome ..

..make it so Turtle Juan !!

"Patrick Stewart To Lend Voice to TMNT
Posted by Ashish on 12.20.2006

From Professor X to Max Winters...

Patrick Stewart is set to voice the villain Max Winters in the upcoming TMNT movie. The new film will be CG-animated. Winters is an insane industrialist who sets out to seek revenge against a former employer before setting his sights on the far more ambitious goal of world conquest. The film will focus on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles setting out to stop him.

Credit: IGN "

Roseangelo ::" his info is as close to being confirmed as it can be without being official. Kevin Munroe gave a non-confirmation confirmation over at the Technodrome. He also said that an article on the new movie is planned for USA Today tomorrow, in which the cast list will be announced.

Kevin said at Comic-Con that it would not be a celebrity-driven cast, but I think they got some pressure from WB to put a known name or two in there. So the Patrick Stewart deal could have *just* happened (thus, the delay in the cast announcement). I think it is Winters we hear in the trailer, but it's not Stewart. There's no rule that says the voices in the trailer have to be the voices in the movie.

.. sentiments about him being connected with this film - it's just TOO awesome!!! And he's the perfect celebrity name to associate with the movie that won't p2ss anyone off."

-- Main points of intrest on the Official TMNT updates from the past week or so include.. ::

Quotes from Dan Berger ::

- Started a new page, "Books of the Future", so you can see what we'll be publishing in the upcoming months. (~Including out pal "Diego's Jourdan's" latest Mirage work !!~tOkK) **Click here !!

- Posted the preview for Tales of the TMNT #29. **Click here !!

- Nacho sent word that (hopefully everyone) can see the new movie trailer at the Warner Bros. TMNT site. (**Click here)

- Neil sent in the following link regarding the next release of the original TMNT cartoon on DVD:

TV Shows on (** click here for info !!.. the next set for the classic series WILL BE a season set.. We're up to Season 4 now after the last volume of TMNT-TOS eps 3-d Raph artwork on the box !! Set for release March 13,2007 !! More after the jump !! )


** UPDATE.. Gordy from TVSHOWS - can pre-order from DVD Empire for $29.56 (U.S.) ..compared to the list price of $39.98 !! ** CLICK HERE for the Pre-order !!

- Ubisoft's Nick Harper will have a Q&A about the TMNT game posted over at - keep your eyes peeled for it! **

- Finally official's.. presentingHoneycutt's very first adventure and his bizarre escape from the Federation and the Triceratons.. classic comic action from Mirage's eldest character and coolest servo..

** Fugitoid #1 starts right here (CLICK CLICK )!!



-- TMNT Fast Forward - Future ShellShock on the DVDouble shot Format from 4kids ..amidst a few other (TMNT and TMNT-FF titles) i mentioned in weeks prior has the first 2 eps of the Fast Forward saga at a discount of $5.99 (U.S.) or lower ..this'll make a decent stockin' stuffer for last second stocking stalkers..n' shoppers wantin' to get the non-patient TMNT fan in their life a cool lil' disc !! Other than that ,tho' ..if patience is a virtue with the fan ..and Santa can hold off for a few more weeks. The First standard 'F.F.' disc set will be available the first month of the year.

Still 'Double shots' are not a bad little gift & for the price a pretty cool one for penny pinchin' elves on X-mas ground zero !!

-- Special thanks to Virtual Wenrog ..back again on-topic with some 'TMNT' movie video game bits ..ect. he sent me !! ::

"Yo tOk! ..

Found what looks like some clips from the new TMNT video game on YouTube! the person that's posting them says "This is an animation demo of the turtle jumping. We'll use this model in the online TMNT campaign."

Here are the links:




Here's something else but I'm not sure if it's really "news". I found a webpage the Imagi never included on there old website. It just has some background pics that fans did about how popular the show is." (**Click for the chart !! )

..ok .. off to dig myself outta this mountain of mole hill n' the 26 inches of snow that poured over my cage.. **~~mumble grumble.. ~~ !!


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