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-->> ..ok..no time for jibba jabba,the holiday rush is givin' tOkKa a holiday rash on his spikies,Bob Cratchet's kids are lobbin' snowballs at me.. and the cows are loose n' raidin' Rabbi Herschel's latke harvest !! We gotta get this Round up going now !! ::

-- To top off this Round-up .. we've got a neat treat for all our Chinese reading and speaking readers.

"T'was The Night Before Christmas" (**click for the comic) is Mikey's special holiday comic upload that has good ol' Bebop and Rocksteady up to their bad old tricks. Hijacking Santa and his helpers across New York .. it's up to the Green Guys to save Santa before 'Bop n' Rock Turn the entire season into Mutant Moron Mess !!

Our pal Leonardo from China has graciously translated the entire comic for you to enjoy .. !! ::

Leonardo ::Your Comic "Twas the night before Christmas"
I have translated and updated it on the site:

.. (**Click here for the Chinese Language version of "T'was The Night Before Christmas")
(Chinese and English Version)

Thank you ,Leonardo .. and happy holidays to you !!

-- Now i'm gonna break it down to the Prickly imperatives..in case you haven't surfed over to the official TMNT site lately.. here's a break-down..from the past few weeks ..

--Posted the previews of Image's old "Bodycount" mini-series from 1996. (**Click here for info on the most violent Classic Turtle Masterpiece ever from Kev Eastman and the BIZ !! ~tOkK)

- The latest Extended synopsis and screen pix for the following TMNT Eps are up ..::

**Episode #92, "The Ancient One" **Click here..

**Episode #93, "Scion of the Shredder" **Click here..

**Episode #94, "Prodigal Son" **Click here..

**Episode #95, "Outbreak" **Click here..

-- Ok ..speakin' of T.V. shows let's get the Video releases outta the way ..

..OUT NOW !! TMNT (Original Series)V.6 ..eps include :: "The Turtle Terminator", "The Great Boldini", "The Missing Map", "The Gang's All Here", "The Grybyx", "Mr. Ogg Goes to Town", "Shredderville", "Bye, Bye Fly", "The Big Rip-Off", "The Big Break-In", "The Big Blow Out" and "Plan 6 from Outer Space"

-- Past several weeks i've been getting so many contradictions on info regarding the 'Ninja Tribunal' story arc. Pre- Fast Forward and the Tme travelin' thing.. this wraps up the Turtles adventures post Shredder's Defeat and Leonardo's return to N.Y. and the dawn of the 'Real Shredder'!! One second it's on Pay-per-view the next second it's not.. it's coming out on DVD .. the next it's only coming to Disc out in Australia.. but contrary to what i've heard.. i guess we'll have to trust Dan B. at the official site. Ok here's what i've got so far ..

- You guys in the U.S. may wanna take note of this.. and drop 4kids a line.. from Dan B. :: "As many of you have already heard, Comcast Cable has dropped the "Ninja Tribunal" episodes from its "Video On Demand" service, unfortunately we don't have any definite information regarding why this has happened at the moment. To make matters more frustrating, 4Kids Home Video has removed the DVD set comprising the 13 "Ninja Tribunal" episodes from its DVD release schedule. Mirage continues to have discussions with 4Kids about releasing the Ninja Tribunal episodes on some format. If we are successful in convincing 4Kids that there is a viable market for these episodes, we will post a notice on the web site."

In the meantime, if you'd like to contact 4Kids and request that the DVD set be released, you can write to them at the following address:

4Kids Home Video

53 West 23rd Street

Newford, NY

( Emails are great ..but good ol' fashioned letters on paper still carry alotta weight this day n' techno-logical AGE..drop 4Kids a line !! I'm gonna try !! ~tOkK )

- My sweet friends ..Amanda and Dierna gave me the heads up on the Aussie edition of 'TMNT season 5' (Ninja Tribunal)** click for info and ordering..::

For release on 07, March 2007 ..:Get ready to RAISE SOME SHELL in this awesome 3-disc box set featuring all 12 never-before-seen episodes from Season 5 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

"Abducted by the mysterious Ninja Tribunal and separated from Master Splinter, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo – are taken to a Tribal Monastery in Japan to begin a rigorous training program involving new weapons and powers. And they’re going to need all the training they can get, as the Turtles soon learn that they’ve been drafted into a battle against an ancient evil – the long-imprisoned spirit of the one true Shredder!"


Lap of Gods

Demons and Dragons

Legend of the Five Dragons

More Worlds Than One

Beginning of the End

Membership Drive

New World Order Part 1

New World Order Part 2

Fathers and Sons

Past Present

Enter the Dragons Part 1

Enter the Dragons Part 2

..and important.. if you guys are so desperate ..outside Australia anyways.. to get this set disc remember .."This DVD is formatted for playback on PAL enabled systems (Australian Standard)." It is NOT region free..so unless you got a way to bypass that (which many people do..durr..) you may wanna hold out a little longer for a North American release. All signs i am reading that 'Ninja Tribunal' should be released at some point. So let's get letter writin' and stay patient as we can !! I mean those of us that want an official Stateside release. Otherwise.. well you may wanna get the Aussie set.

-Back to the Future.. Danny B. also warns as far as TMNT : FF .. the first set is listed on Amazon (**click here for info)for pre-order as.. ::

"TMNT Fast Forward: Future Shellshock Season 1 - The Turtles and Splinter suddenly find themselves in a futuristic world inhabited by a "melting pot" population of humans and aliens. Who's responsible for this mess? Why non other than Cody Jones, Casey and April's fourteen-year old great grandson, who accidentally pulled the Turtles through a "time window" to the year 2105!

Future Shellschock contains 13 episodes action-packed episodes on 2 discs .."

Release is scheduled for February 6, 2007..

- 'TMNT: Next Mutation' ..love it or hate it..still lives.. here's a bit from my pal Hero i let slip by me..a real doozie.:

Hero: "The first 11 episodes of TMNT:TnM are now out over here for £4.99.

The track listings are shown in the second picture ^^

This is part of a series of 3-disc boxsets from Jetix that features programming not even shown on Jetix over here since the change from Fox Kids (oddly enough). Other sets include: Transformers RID, Care Bears, VR Troopers, Action Man and The Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

Next Mutation is a fabulous series and well worth £4.99 for 11 episodes. It is possible there is a second boxset lurking around since there have been two boxsets for Care Bears and VR Troopers. I'll keep you updated.

..i'll double check with Hero and keep ya informed.. especially State-side.. there is still a small but cool following for Next Mutation in North America that would love to see these Eps in disc ..(just short of downloadin',oi ).. Currently N.M. is D.O.A. in U.S. ..

-- Quick TMNT 4 movie bits then i gotta go .. ..
Dan Berger.. :: "We've received a report that the new TMNT movie trailer from Imagi will be debuting on December 15 in front of the "Eragon" film. It's not set in stone - but it's a possibility." ..

on December 1 ..Dan posted this :: "We've received a report that the new TMNT movie trailer from Imagi is supposed to be available at MTV.com starting a week from today. It's also supposed to be showing with two holiday movies, "Unaccompanied Minors" and, as reported earlier, "Eragon"." ..So keep an eye out this Friday as we may have our first full TMNT Trailer to get out spikies alla flutter !!

..more as i go along..

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