Friday, December 08, 2006

-->>'s official .. despite prior being a slight rumor at first ..

TMNT will be attached to Unaccompanied Minors (December 8), Eragon and Arthur and the Invisibles (December 15th).

..frankly the TMNT movie trailer is a bit crusty in Flash ..but it is better than nothing. I'm gonna keep checkin' all weekend for a nice streaming version that isn't so rude to tOkKa's modems.

**Update ..alternative Trailer download..Special thanks to Roseangelo ::

Sorry, it's REALLY crappy. For those who have seen the MTV version, this is NOT an improvement. This should only interest the people who can't access the MTV site for whatever reason.

I recorded the trailer off TV with my DVD-R, but the DVD it made doesn't make my computer happy. The best rip of the video I could get didn't include the audio (NO idea why). I've spent over three hours trying to get it to rip correctly and I'm just out of options.

So I ended up playing the trailer on my TV and then recorded that with my digital camera.

I know, lame-o.

**Click here for Rose's You Tube Vid.. !!

- Special note & Head's up Toon-heads (this includes you, Nitro ..i know there are WB toon worshipers amidst the shell-brains and Ninja-philes on Mikey's..) ..

According to Toonzone ..

Pinky and the Brain, Vol. 2 ..has a special extra ..
"The extras (on P & B V.@) include auto-start trailers on disc four (new CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer [the previously released trailer, don’t get too excited TMNT fans!]"

..yeh don't freek out and rush to get this set.. UNLESSSSSSSSSSs you happen to be a hardcore 'Animaniacs' , P & B fan like a good chunk of the Turtle fans i know.. so yeh if that's the case.. by pure coincidence you'll get a TMNT trailer. on Disc 4 !! Everyone else can struggle with the Flash version for now or catch the trailer with Unaccompanied Minors which starts today !! I'll keep checkin' for a nice streaming version hopefully of a bit better quality. would be nice.. but all this is pretty excitin' (the flash version isn't too bd..but still) !!
..Now get ready as tOkKie craXX his knuckles n' sharpens hiz spikes to pop any critic or Turtle hater given TMNTs a bad time. We've all been waiting over 13 years for the Turtes to return to the silver screen (some of them haters out there gonna start trouble n' go in for a Sliver n' Scream !!) ..time for the guys to shine again !! .. >v<

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