Saturday, December 23, 2006

-->> As i suspected !! TMNT Movie figs are out THIS WEEKEND !!
Special thanks to Roseangelo for the tip off.. she found these at Wal-mart for around $7.00 or so. The Nightwatcher Bike w/ Raph ..was around $16.00 .. she said she also saw the 'Cowabunga Carl Van' and a 2 Pack with Mikey and one of the Generals..

Size comparison to classic,current, and F.F. TMNT figs !! New Movie figs are a bit taller than 5" or so .. !!

..O' ,Santa baby !! Put a Movie Turtle under the Tree for me !!

Thanks Rose M. !!

- Official TMNT points to Gamespot some slick info and screens from Ubisoft's new TMNT movie game !!**Click here !!

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