Tuesday, October 26, 2004

-->> ..why ..i do beleive that little birdie up there is telling me it is goin' to rain !! Wait.. rain isn't white !! UGGHH!!

..checkin' the comments from the unlockables on the TMNT 2 Game post..

.. i really want to thank Jeremy for pointing out this cool fall Toy Fare Sneek Peek.. of Master Yoshi -starting right here !!

..yep ..we got a pretty cool Master Yoshi ..with a special head switch to turn him into a spirit Yoshi !! ..along with the little magnetic splinter pet !! Shweett.. Utroms gonna need protectin' ..there's a bunch more previews on the Action figure d0t com.. more more MORE !!

- Zanramon's stonlen Space Hot Rod peek is seen -starting here !! (Cool!!)

- Fors00TH.. Ninja Knights..-starting here..

- More air up yir skirt Air-Ninjas.. - start here !!

- More of the Battle Nexus players including a fall aprt Gen.. and a Necking Draco - start here !!

- ..and Top it all off with Gen's best bunny ;bushido pal ..Miyamoto Usagi ::-starting here !!

..again..thanks for the lead ;Jeremy !!


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