Saturday, October 09, 2004

-->> !! almost time !!
From Mr B. of TMNT d0t com.. ::

Peter Laird and Steve Murphy will be appearing at The Comic Book Show on October 10, 2004 in Nashua, New Hampshire being held at the Holiday Inn of Nashua (Exit 4 off Route 3) from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Email for info or visit their web site:

Mention the TMNT Web Site and admission is just $2.00!

.. so there ya go.. Sunday is your day..Turtle beleivers !!

-- ..also amoung the standard fare of TMNT updates on the offish. ..
..there are some updates Mr.B has on there that are less oafish .. and ready for the Fillet - o - Fish (..err never mind.. )

..but the cool continuing synaps of the Image TMNT books(vol.3) -continues here..

..alls well that ends swell.. n' tOkKie's head is swollen so..i'm gonna crash .. oii !!


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