Thursday, October 14, 2004

-->>..hey,Pizzaface?? You 'tink awm stong EnUFF to Ripp mah way ouddah dees package n' keek you girly pizza-butt??
..once again..stalkin' the toy isles at Wal-mart ..late last night. Never fails.. the newest TMNT shipments were plopped out the other morning.. (as well as the Turtle Tunneler ..and more TMNT battle bikes..) ..i found another DVD pack in..with a differant Vid..this time i spotted one of the new 'Ripped Turtles' ..Leonardo muscle bound and packed in with the 'Evil Encounters' DVD.. like the one i found the other night 'Secrets Behind the Shells' ..these are narrorated vids of past TMNT encounters from the show.. a big 4-Kids/ FOX BOX TMNT promo ..they are pretty cool.. but just a hodge-podge of recaps.. so unless you are the super-duper completist.. i wouldn't worry about these discs. However ..if you happen upon a TMNT fig you didn't have before ..with the disc pack-in.. your in for a little treat !!
.. i'll keep a look out to see if there are any other differant discs than the 2.
Perhaps these really are Wal-Mart Exclusives.. if you find anything else out.. let me know !! case you hadn't checked out Mr.B 's official TMNT d0t com.. ::

Raka sent in even more TMNT 2 : Battle Nexus reviews -starting here..from Gamespot..

..and G.Spot has some newer screencaps from the game -starting here..

..thanks,Raka !!


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