Monday, October 25, 2004

-->>..ol' sK00l Shredder..i mean..freekin' ancient !!
..TMNT 2: Battle Nexus is filled with easter eggs.. like in TMNT 1 ..there is a set of unlockable Playmates Toys bonus galleries..including some suprise Toy prototype artworks.. some you have already seen before.. like the 'Knight TMNTs' .

3 of the most suprising i've found so far tho' .. ::
- Shredder in Feudal Japan Armor ..!!

- The mad ; Fugitoid-hunter ..General Blanque !!

..and what looks like a 'Face changing' Master Yoshi !! complete with a littlw cage and Pet Splinter ..(Pre-mutant master of coarse !!)

..sorry about the bad quality of these screen caps.. well least ya get an idea..
..i'll see what else i can dig up by myself or elsewhere.. stay tuned !!

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