Tuesday, October 12, 2004

-->> ..what's our secret ?? Only our hairdresser knows for sure.. o wait.. we're bald..umm..
..i'm not to sure it's a Wal-mart exclusive..
..but an early morning breakfast jaunt to Walleyworld.. and a quick trip to the toy isle..::
.. i found a bunch of the TMNT figs with this special 'Secrets Behind the Shells' DVD packed in.

..it seems to be a neat little promo Vid for the TMNT DVD/Videos with some clips from older shows and the earlier TMNT Fox Box Bios !!

..pretty cool and a great little addition to your colelction. But don't freek out.. cuz it's nothin' really you havn't seen before. Whatever the case.. jsut lettin' ya know it's out there (assumingly at Wal-Mart exclusivly..don't hold me to that)!!

-- The TMNT show is amoung some of the new programing content available on Mattel's new 'Juice Box' media player.. -checkit.. a preview starting here !!

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