Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hey Mikey's TMNT fans.

It's been a while. I know. But while Tokka has been keeping you busy with the well done Spaze Craze. Nice to have you back on the comic scene, Dave! I really enjoyed the PoP you used to do!

So on to some D4K news. For some you not knowing, August 19th is my 23rd birthday. When better to relaunch the comic from it's hiatus of summer break? Why THEN of course! But, because I'm trying to get a couple pages ahead (full blown pages are cool but hard work...) I have a few pages completed. Which also means... I am sitting atop of all this stuff, and promised I wouldn't even release a cover until then. Heh. Yeah, well...

Screw It...

While I WILL be keeping my promise to get Dribble For Kids back into the swing of things on August 19th, being that
this is ONLY a cover for Issue 3, I decided to go ahead and throw this sucker up. That way when Page 1 hits Aug. 19th, we can just get right into it. Since, I'm getting anxious anyway.

D**n you, antsy anxiousness of being anxious!!!

Umm.... Right. Anyway, as you can see, Dribble For Kids/D4K begins it's first big 'official' story arc, which takes place in more than one issue. And the
"issue" isn't just a bunch of 4 or 6 panel "comic strips." No sir, D4K is now full blown comic book pages. And while the writing skills, what little I had, seem to be slowly waking from hibernation, which sucks such due to the fact that issue one is almost nothing BUT exposition.... Oh well.

I digress.

"The Lord of the Sweaters" finally begins with Chapter One: The Two Wheatons. You might notice the guy above. Wil Wheaton. Has a website. I just want you all to know that I'm a huge fan of Wheaton's. Granted, I don't own "Stand By Me", but I did rush out and bought a movie he's barely in but is great ( and also own both of his books, "Just A Geek" and "Dancing Barefoot." He is one of those guys who is all shades of cool to me. Actually the idea of having Wil vs. himself came from a short story I wrote and then quickly scrapped around a year and a half ago. It all involved a blog entry he written, (featured exclusively in "Just A Geek") where Wil is talking and almost fighting a smaller toy-version of himself, a 'Cadet Wesley Crusher' figure, to be more precise. The short story was scrapped, but in the end, I liked the idea so much, I jokingly told one of my friends (Kidsplinter is the name, for all you who read the strip regularly...) and we joked lightly about it being added into the very young Dribble For Kids.

But joking aside, I loved the idea being intertwined with D4K. So much in fact, that originally this whole storyline wasn't going to be apart of the
Lord of the Sweaters storyline. Heavens no, this was a follow up to the episode. But the journey to fight the evil SAPs Inc wasn't laden with difficulty enough. So in the storyline went, and it kept well with the basis of the titles of the chapters. "The Two Wheatons." "The Two Towers." See what I mean? It works.At least I think it does. And I hope you do too. Buckle your seatbelts, kids... this is gonna be a bumpy ride!


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