Saturday, August 28, 2004

Another week has gone by. Being that the last month rewards us with two... not just two, nor Two or 2, but TWO D4K comics, and I forgot to mention here on the site.

Here on Page 2 you can see that the Vader fan is a bit more rutheless than it seems. Also, this is the first time I messed with something the guys at do, which is give the characters some depth in panel. Such as, a film camera does. It was very intersting to play around with the program I've had for so long and finally feeling comfortable enough to play around it to do cool stuff like that.

Following that is Page 3, interestingly enough with the first "real accesible joke" thus far. Also, I rarely impress myself on my own work, (I still think I suck really bad....) but I am pleased with the way the panels, (specially the last one) panned out. Any thoughts on such, post em on the board as I am trying to frequent them when I have the time! Until next week...


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